About Sarah Kennard

I’m spiritual but In a way that my heart breaks for humanity. I have what I’ve named a paper heart. When I was little my dad and I used to take scraps of paper and tape and build houses at our kitchen table. I was thinking about this memory one day and thought up the name paper heart cathedral combining those paper masterpieces and and my paper heart. And while I’ve never been one to be good at expressing my feelings through speech, I feel I can capture images of others through photographs that tell a story of an event or special day. I hope to be that person for you whether you need a photographer for an event in your life or just to feel good about yourself, I want to help you do that.

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  • BA in psychology
  • AA in graphic design & photography 

About Jen Jensen 








I love dogs, books, science fiction, and Doctor Who. I live with my gorgeous lady and a pack of rescued senior dogs. I drink too much coffee and Diet Coke, but make a real effort to get enough water. I will do just about anything for good Indian food.

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  • ASU, M.A. Applied Ethics: Pastoral Care, Ethics, & Spirituality  // B.A. Religion & Applied Ethical Studies
  • Rutgers, M.A. Liberal Arts


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