Felonies & Breakdowns: A Mickey Madison Adventure

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Mickey Madison has had a rough few years. From a felony assault charge, to an incarcerated sister, she didn't think things could get worse - until they did. From library assistant to criminal, Mickey Madison embarks on a journey to escape her past and suffering, and in doing so, stumbles into a world of cartel money and violence.

She's ready to tell you all about it.

"My name is Mickey Madison and I don’t go anywhere without my antacid and Xanax. It’s possible there’s a lot wrong with me. We can talk about that while I tell you how I ended up outside a Denny’s in Flagstaff, Arizona with $938,000 stuffed in a backpack behind the driver’s seat of a rust colored 1973 Ford F100. My nephew was there too, his pants wet with piss. He might have shit them, though he’ll never say.
Right, then. I’ll go ahead and do that.

Trigger Warnings: This story is violent. The main character might not be a hero. Don't expect anything but gritty, dysfunctional crime.